Small dog groomers had a leg up in challenge {Groomer Has It}

On Animal Planet’s Groomer Has It, dogs are people too. Puppy size mattered when volunteers handed over their puppies to Reality TV groomers for the third challenge. Will was awarded the “top dog” prize because he showered his Pomeranian puppy with hugs and kisses. The judges were sympathetic to Will’s transformation; last week, they poo-pooed Will for using the wrong brush on a Bearded Collie. This week Will was determined to show how much “he loves dogs.” Sadly Jon was told to “leave the doghouse” after “failing to meet the grooming standards of the puppy grooming challenge.” Never mind that Jon’s puppy was a Great Pyrenese and with the exception of the Leonberger, was the size of a full grown Labrador Retriever! Contestants who were given small dogs definitely had the advantage with the 90 minute time frame. But they had to please the owners of small dogs who are very picky about their dog’s appearance. Groomers of small dogs make house calls and call themselves “dog stylists” instead of “dog groomers.” Kathleen, the”Quick Sniff” contest winner, was the only groomer allowed to choose her puppy, a white Pomeranian named Princess who arrived wearing a little red skirt. The rest were given their puppies at random, and it took poor Jon a full hour just to dry fur of the giant Pyrenese pup. This left him little time for the actual “grooming/styling” phase. Jon chose to focus on styling the fur on the puppy’s head because did not have time take care of the other end. The judges offered him no sympathy and bolted from their chairs and headed right for the tail. It wasn’t fair that the judges didn’t scrutinize the other groomers, and I wish Jon could have summoned Tyra Banks to give his dog “a Brazillian Booty Facial.” The moral of the story? Who cares if there’s a Writier’s Strike when you have shows like Grommer Has It? Next week the contestants have to design doggy outfits–another contest where size matters. What does designing clothes have to do with dog grooming? It doesn’t really matter becuase until Project Runway begins, I’m watching Groomer Has It.

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15 Responses to Small dog groomers had a leg up in challenge {Groomer Has It}

  1. I love Animal Planent and it is main channel I watch—However, I was extremely disgusted with the Groomer Show. I thought Animal Planet had better taste then to stoop to the level of “Reality Shows”The Judges decision on the third episode was disgusting.It was blatentlu unfair. How could they be so dense as to not notice Jphn’s dog was so very much larger then all of the rest. To eliminate him was unfair and excuse Katheleen’s dog covered with powder. Perhaps they were unaware that All dogs have a habit of licking themselves. Nothing like a little powder in the system! Also, the winner of that series “Tim” or whatever his name is, is as phoney as a three dollar bill. I would’n’t want either of those people to groom my dogs but John would be welcome to anytime.
    Animal Planent, I’m so dissapointed in you. I didn’t think it could get any worse then “The Animal Psychologist” or “Who Gets the Dog” but you’ve surpassed theese with ?The Groomer ” shows.

  2. Those reality shows make some of the stupidest judgments that I’ve ever seen. Sheesh, I’d like to see Judge Judy be a judge on one of those shows… at least most of the rulings I’ve seen on her show were fair. :-p “Groomer Has It” is a little inventive for a reality show, I guess, but it’s still crap.

  3. alyison jankowskel says:

    wow wat a big lab it has to be a mix with a big dog

  4. Crytsal says:

    heyy!i like dogs too!

  5. Colette says:

    i had a bearded collie just like that but she died in january and i was at skool and i just cant get over the fact that i never said goodbye……….

    • pjbottoms says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Colette. I never got to say good-bye to my yellow lab, Meg, because she died suddenly (5 years ago) at the vet’s while getting her hips x-rayed. I started a small garden in her honor in my backyard. I remember something that “The Pet Psychic” said on TV that helped me: “We never get over the loss of our pets; we just learn to live without them.”

      Best Wishes,


  6. cutecute28 says:

    That doggie head inside the earth so funny

  7. daniela says:


  8. Tresea says:

    Hi I saw your pomeraineyan and I have a litte girl her name is Zaria she realy wants a puppy but we cant get a big dog because we live in a apartment and its to small!So we want a small dog.We will take good care of her like baths,groom,play,walk,dressup,and give her lots of love every thing like that.So just emal us we live in AL,GA so just emal us

  9. ismarly says:

    awwww que lindo its so adorabole

  10. large dog says:

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