Why is Kenley still sewing? {Project Runway}

I more than a little bit baffled as to why Kenley was not sent home over Suade on last night’s episode of Project Runway.  Yes, Suade has been in the bottom two twice, but then Kelli was sent home (in my opinion, too early) without having been the bottom two before the night she was “outed.”  OK Suade’s outfit was “boring,” for a “Rock and Roll” aesthetic, but it was well sewn, and an outfit that is “well executed” (in Nina Garcia’s words) usually wins over the poorly sewn garment.  Remember when Angela kessler’s “streetwalker” (according to guest judge, Ivanka Trump) creation beat out Katherine Gerdes’s simple green dress during the man’s best friend challenge on Season Three?  If Vera Wang hadn’t raved about Angela’s skirt being “beautifully sewn,”  I think Angela would have been out that evening.  And then there was Santino Rice’s dog-doo brown jump suit he had made for Kara Janx.  Although the sleeve fell apart at the shoulder on stage, the guest judge thought the

Dont get snarky with Tim!

Don't get "snarky" with Tim!

outfit was original.  But last night, guest judge L L Cool J didn’t get Kenley’s idea of hip-hop at all, so what saved her? Kenley showed that she can not sew a pair of pants; she even said in her interview that her line is “dresses.”  Kenley does Kenley-type clothes well, but the same could be said for the signature looks of several eliminated designers: Stella and her “leatha,” Terri and her pant-suit separates, Keith and his “shredded wear.”  A finalist on Project Runway should be able to versify his or her signature look in a runway collection.  I don’t think Kenley is headed in that direction–and being the first designer on Project Runway to make Tim Gunn feel “snarky” doesn’t help, either.  I can hear Blayne shouting from a tanning booth in Yakima, WA: “Kenley’s just snarklishous!”  Kenely did look amazing as a pop-star last night; her outfit overshadowed her defensive attitude.  Maybe that’s why she still sewing.


2 Responses to Why is Kenley still sewing? {Project Runway}

  1. Kauna K. says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Kenley is a one-trick pony with her style preferences for vintage eras. There’s a market for that, and I liked it at first, but, I honestly find her work more like era costumes for a movie than real clothing that would sell. I don’t think her work looks very well sewn either. We all know her personality is atrocious, and her incessant giggling is like the Chinese water torture. I can’t imagine what it was like for those designers to live and work with this prima-beyotch from hell. I could give her leeway if her stuff was spectacular or really unusual. Some of her things are cute, but, nothing has blown me away. I saw pictures of her Bryant Park show collection and one dress made me laugh out loud. It was so goofy with layers of feathers and fluff. Who would wear such a thing, except for a costume?

    She’s a beautiful girl, and pretty young, but, she’s killed her career with her performance and showing the world how nasty she is. Who would hire her, or invest in her? Who would want to work with her or for her? If she could take medication and get counseling, maybe she’d be able to learn to cultivate her style. If she can’t accept brilliant advice from the magnificent Tim Gunn, she’s a lost cause.

    It would be the biggest honor of my life to learn at his feet. Kenley is a foolish girl.

  2. pjbottoms says:

    LOL–Kenley’s giggling is water torture! I bet her castmates would agree!

    Kenley did have one endearing moment: acting humble in front of the great Diane Von F. But that moment was quickely overshadowed by her future, how would you say it?–temper tantrums? She was the first designer since Wendy Pepper (remember Wendy arguing with Tim about the Postal Worker’s shoes?) who Tim Gunn talked to as if he was speaking with a child.

    A designer who is to become regarded as iconic must be a visionary, or as you put it so well–“learn to culitivate her style.” I agree with you that Kenley’s designs will remain costumes if she doesn’t make them meaningful in the present.

    I predict Kenley will say the “editors/producers” treated her unfairly on the Reunion Episode. T

    Thanks for your comment!


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