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September 26, 2013

Al Manzo’s Mistress Was the REAL Drama Behind the Scenes This Season of RHONJ

September 26, 2013

Friendly Dish


If you’ve been watching this season of RHONJ and you find yourself confused and asking questions the show will never answer, you aren’t the only one. After seeing the editing mess on season four, fans assumed that when Bravo cleaned house and got new producers, things would be different. They even took a gamble by keeping the exact same cast. And it was all a massive flop. Fans are more outraged than ever and sick of Bravo’s lies and manipulation. In fact, there’s plenty of behind the scenes drama you never see. That happens every season to an extent. However, this year, Bravo covered up one of the most exciting and dramatic story lines yet. Al Manzo has a mistress and Penny outed him as a cheater on camera.

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