TV Shows: The Ones I Watch

April 22, 2008

Hi. Thanks for stopping by! This is a blog inspired by television shows I watch. This list changes as often as televsison programming does to keep up with viewers’ viewing habbits.  If you have a similar blog, let me know because I’m interested in your perspective.

Here is a list of what Iwatch record in no particular order:

Mad Men

Best Ink

ESPN’s 30 for 30

Dance Moms

Real Housewives franchise

Big Bang Theory

Dr. Phil

Judge Judy

The Soup

The Simpsons (Certain episodes)

Project Runway

The First 48


Ghost Hunters (origional cast)

Jersey Shore

Watch What Happens Live

Selling NY, LA etc.

Tabitha Takes Over

ALEX: “It’s always nice to be photographed”

The Real Housewives of New York City

The American Experience

Chelsea Lately

I don’t have time to watch all shows all the time, but I find the above shows entertaining!

Happy Viewing!


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